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Welcome To Everyone

Hey hey my witchy friends!

This is Bodhi and I wanted to write out a personal welcome for all of you. I created this coven with the belief that people need a spiritual home, a place where they can share everything, a place where they feel safe, a place with people who support them. I know that being a pagan can be cause for severe backlash around the US and the world. So, we have to hide, we have to keep our traditions, our practices, our beliefs all in secret.

In this group, you are free to speak about what you want to speak about when it comes to your spirituality.

I grew up with the knowledge that diversity makes a group stronger and better. The more diverse the practice is, the more diverse the group is, the better it functions and the more cunning it can be to it's adversaries.

I am so glad that you wanted to join this amazing group and be a part of a sweeping change that I would love to bring to the US.


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