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The Black Lotus



Established in 2022, The Black Lotus is a Pagan Omnist oratory that welcomes any path of pagan practitioner. Our philosophy is that the more diverse a spiritual group and practice is, the stronger it becomes until it is unbreakable. We believe that every belief has a place and we welcome them all.
We accept members from around the world, from all walks of life, with open arms.

Purple Skies
Our members enjoy live and videoed learning from highly qualified and long time practitioners to help them grow in their practice and teach others. Leaders are continually putting together information on all forms of pagan practices, including American Folk Magic, witchcraft, Norse paganism, the left hand path, new age spirituality and so much more. Personal guideance is also available.

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Purple Skies

Member Perks

Members of The Black Lotus enjoy bi-weekly meetings via zoom, in person meetings with those in your area, private groups, private discord channels, specialized and private shopping, access to unique items from around the world for your practice and much more.
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